Apollo 14 Astronauts apollo 14 astronauts Astronauts 14 Apollo

Apollo 14 Astronauts apollo 14 astronauts Astronauts 14 Apollo

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The tiny moon--which for now has been designated S/2015 (136472) 1, and playfully nicknamed MK 2, for short--is more than 1,300 times dimmer than Makemake itself. MK 2 was first spotted when it was about 13,000 miles from its dwarf planet parent, and its diameter is estimated to be about 100 miles across. Makemake is 870 miles wide, and the dwarf planet, which was discovered over a decade ago, is named for the creation deity of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island.

In the 40 years since they emerged on the market, the choice of options available with respect to Moon Boot features has grown immensely. They now come in a range of outer coverings including suede, nylon jacquard, soft touch nylon, nylon, varnish PU, quilted PU and glitter fabric. Each variety changes the outward look slightly from a matte through to a glossy finish. Personal preference is the only way to make a decision with regard to this feature as they are all exceptional in quality and look.

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