Apollo 3 Mission Symbol the apollo mission space patches were out of this world Symbol Mission 3 Apollo

Apollo 3 Mission Symbol the apollo mission space patches were out of this world Symbol Mission 3 Apollo

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Galilean Moons Of Jupiter. One dark, clear January night in 1610, Galileo Galilei climbed to the roof of his house in Padua. He looked up at the sky that was speckled with the flickering fires of a multitude of starry objects, and then aimed his small, primitive "spyglass"--which was really one of the first telescopes--up at that star-blasted sky above his home. Over the course of several such starlit, clear winter nights, Galileo discovered the four large Galilean moons that circle around the largest planet in our Sun's family, the enormous, gaseous world, Jupiter. This intriguing quartet of moons--Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto--were named for four of the numerous mythic lovers of the King of the Roman gods.

The waning of the moon is the period that runs between the Full Moon and the New Moon. It supports the energy of letting go, releasing, moving away from situations you've outgrown. It is a great time for working heavily on any releasement work such as clearing addictions and difficulties. It is also the perfect time to do a Spring Cleaning, going through your things and throwing out anything you no longer use, getting your hair cut, in fact, anything to do with getting rid of stuff.

To Find Nourishment. It is a really good and interesting exercise to find out what it is that nourishes you. When you feel that you're in your element, then you are in your Moon, your ' emotion' body. The Moon represents the past and stores all our memories thus creating a foundation. The Sun symbolises the mind and it's from our own mind that we can view the past. In so doing we can let go of any shaky or insecure structures in order to establish a firmer sense of self. It is only from this that our Sun can begin to shine until we acknowledge this it will be a dim light looking for recognition. Remember however that it is the Moon that holds our experience and a lot of creativity. Coming from our emotions, feeling and need for contact with others (Moon) will always keep us vulnerable and dependent on others' opinions of us.From the light of the Sun and the establishment of our own foundation (as opposed to that of our childhood) then we can bring out the qualities, playfulness and creativity that our Moon has kept in store for us. As the physical Sun and Moon need each other, likewise we to need to work consciously with our own Moon and Sun and you can only do this by knowing your Astrological Birth Chart!