Astronomy Eccentricity a very short history of astronomy kepler Astronomy Eccentricity

Astronomy Eccentricity a very short history of astronomy kepler Astronomy Eccentricity

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Only once since I began a twenty year fascination with Einstein's time/light theory have I heard from anyone connected to NASA who dared to address this fact to a sublimely ignorant public. He was hushed up in the slow lane with indifference and a public that couldn't tell you how the world can make it through the next decade without imploding. With a list of almost infinite problems how can we think of getting people out that far, much less plan for the return of our astronauts after 4000 generations of time.

Europa: Planetary scientists generally think that a layer of liquid water swirls around beneath Europa's surface, and that heat from tidal flexing causes the subsurface ocean to remain liquid. It is estimated that the outer crust of solid ice is about 6 to 19 miles thick, including a ductile "warm ice" layer that hints that the liquid ocean underneath may be 60 miles deep. This means that Europa's oceans would amount to slightly more than two times the volume of Earth's oceans.

It seems to me that many people will have you believe that the moon and fishing are complicated. This perplexes me, because the subjects don't have to be. As I've said you can learn what you need to know in about a half an hour by getting a FREE e-book such as this. Many times the people making these subjects seem so confusing are simply trying to sell you something.