Moonshine Whiskey Wallpaper

The song contains the two main genres Morrison used on Tupelo Honey: country rock and soul. The introduction features both electric and steel guitars, in what Allmusic reviewer Tom Maginnis calls “a halting country vamp”. The song changes tempo many times in its six and a half minute duration, changing from a fast 4/4 time to a slow 6/8 sauteuse waltz and back to 4/4 time on various occasions. Morrison uses this form of distinct movements within songs later in his career, most prominently on the album Common One. Tom Maginnis concludes that at the end of the song “the arrangement kicks into a full-scale gospel rave-up complete with call and response backing vocal, group handclaps, pumping piano, and blaring horns all at breakneck speeds before pulling up to a slamming halt. ”