NASA Emblem Poster nasa logo Poster Emblem NASA

NASA Emblem Poster nasa logo Poster Emblem NASA

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Among the ringed gas giant planet Saturn's amazing collection of 62 diverse, bizarre, and beautiful moons and moonlets, sometimes one of them just seems to stand out in the crowd. Such a moon is little Methone. Looking like a shiny white egg in Space, and composed of very lightweight fluffy stuff, Methone is less dense than any other known moon or asteroid in our Solar System. In March 2013, astronomers announced at the 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference held in the Woodlands, Texas, that this strange little 5-kilometer-size moon is one of a batch of Space eggs in orbit around Saturn!

The ring around the Earth eventually began to condense into blobs that then proceeded to merge and create a large and brightly glowing sphere--our primordial Moon. Our Moon would have appeared to be ten times larger than it does today in Earth's ancient sky--if anyone had been around to see it.

For example I learned that the fishing is always better during both the full and new moon phases. In other words when the moon is full or new at night, the fishing is better during the day. The same simple rules apply to the weather. When the air pressure changes in the area that you are fishing the fishes activity level changes, and thus the fish feed more heavily or less heavily. Learning the simple ways in which the weather and moon impact fish behavior taught me how to be on the water fishing at the most opportune times, rather than just going fishing whenever I could.