Orion Nebula Star Formation orion nebula stock photos orion nebula stock images alamy Star Nebula Formation Orion

Orion Nebula Star Formation orion nebula stock photos orion nebula stock images alamy Star Nebula Formation Orion

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The discovery of a moon for Makemake may have solved one perplexing puzzle concerning this distant, icy object. Earlier infrared studies of the dwarf planet showed that while Makemake's surface is almost entirely frozen and bright, some areas seem to be warmer than other areas. Astronomers had suggested that this discrepancy may be the result of our Sun warming certain dark patches on Makemake's surface. However, unless Makemake is in a special orientation, these mysterious dark patches should cause the ice dwarf's brightness to vary substantially as it rotates. But this amount of variability has not been observed.

have been fishing for more than twenty five years for all of the main species of freshwater fish including; trout, walleye, large and small mouthed bass, catfish, pike, and even muskie and in that time have learned one simple fact that has helped me become a much more successful angler. That fact is that the weather and moon have an incredible impact on the activity level of fish and the more active the fish are, the more apt the are to bite your offering when you are fishing.

Ganymede is the largest moon in our Solar System. Indeed, its impressive diameter of nearly 3,280 miles makes it almost as big as Mars! Astronomers have known since the 1990s that this frigidly cold moon, that circles around the gas-giant planet Jupiter, contains a hidden salty subsurface ocean of liquid water, sloshing around deep beneath its secretive shell of ice. However, in May 2014, planetary scientists announced that the situation may be somewhat more complicated--Ganymede's ocean might be organized like a multi-tiered sandwich, with ice and oceans stacked up in several layers, according to new NASA-funded research that models this enormous moon's composition.